Red Meat Kosher Club Presents All the Meats, Cigars, Scotch All For A Cause

The Secretary of Brisket and Izzy’s Smokehouse have combined forces!
The brisket will be roasted, the sausage will be passed, the beef bacon tree will be consumed.

The scotch will be guzzled, the bourbon sipped and vodka mixed with our signature open bar.

The cigars will be snipped, lite, smoked and included.

This night will give every attendee the knowledge that there will not be a better evening presented in Florida on February 22nd

The Red Meat Kosher Club believes in the overconsumption of brisket and pastrami

Izzy Smokehouse Brooklyn Served Station and Passed (kosher)

Korean Chicken Bites Pulled Beef Empanadas Smoked Hot Wings Rice and Beans

Fire Roasted Corn on the Cob BBQ Burnt Ends

Smoked BBQ Pulled Beef Chili Sausage
Carving Station

18-hour Texas Style Smoked Brisket – w/ taco options Lamb Ribs 18-hour Smoked Pastrami

Candied Smoked Bacon Tree (kosher)


Mediterranean salad Grilled Vegetable salad Cole slaw Red slaw


Then something sweet

We celebrate friendship, connecting and doing good.
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