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Welcome to the Real Estate Finder Podcast! I’m Matthew Maschler, the Real Estate Finder. And on this show, we will share my passion and knowledge of real estate. I’m a real estate broker with the Signature Real Estate Companies, and we sell Florida real estate here in Palm Beach County – where I live – Broward, Miami, the West Coast, Naples through Sarasota, and Central Florida – where we sell real estate in Orlando and near Disney World. Joining me each episode will be agents from my office and the very best vendors servicing the real estate industry. So, whether you’re looking for residential, vacation, or investment properties in Florida; the Real Estate Finder Podcast will provide insider information, examine the latest trends, and reveal some of the tips, tricks, and techniques needed to make smart decisions and get the very best from this and any market! Each episode we will highlight amazing properties, take a deep dive into some recent deals we’ve done, chat with industry insiders, and explore some of the issues and challenges that come up when buying or selling real estate. So join us as we share stories, raise questions, find answers, and have a whole lot of fun in the fascinating world of Florida real estate!

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